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The following is a list of reference works on Kent which volunteers are willing to search for specific entries. To ask for a look-up, please click on the name by the reference. Requests should be specific:PLEASE give as much detail as you can. Abuses of the kindness of these volunteers will probably cause them to withdraw their names so please don't ask for all references to a common name, or for time-consuming research. Volunteers may or may not be willing to obtain copies of the relevant pages. If they are, expect to reimburse expenses.

To ensure that your message receives prompt attention please use the words Kent Look-ups in your subject line. Many volunteers work on several projects at once and it can be hard for them to try and guess which one you are responding to. Failure to do so could result in your request being overlooked.

PLEASE, check the dates/places you need looking up, against the resource being offered

Many of the sources used for these look-ups are the result of the dedication and hard work of a Family History Society. Many Family History Societies produce publications related to their county. You may want to consider purchasing your own copy of relevant resources to aid your research. You may also wish to consider supporting research in this area by joining the society. Details can be found at their respective web-sites, or see Genuki's Family History Society listings

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DAVID C. HILLS 1940 - 2009 Sadly missed.

M.I. Alkham Jo Morris
M.I. Chatham, Maidstone Road Cemetery Stuart Moverley
M.I. Chatham, Town Hall Cemetery Stuart Moverley
M.I. Chislet Jo Morris
M.I. Coldred Jo Morris
M.I. Crockenhill, All Soul's C of E Anne Wiltshire
M.I. Crockenhill, Union Baptist Anne Wiltshire
M.I. Deal, St Leonard:Church, yard and burial ground Paul Hensman
M.I. Dover, St Mary's churchyard Jo Morris
M.I. Eynsford Baptist Church Anne Wiltshire
M.I. Eynsford, St Martin Anne Wiltshire
M.I. Folkestone, Sts Mary & Eanswythe Bef 1865, Surname at death needed Katie Barker
M.I. Herne, St Martin's Monica Foggin
M.I. Herne Cemetery Monica Foggin
M.I. Herne Bay, Christchurch Monica Foggin
M.I. Hillborough, St Mary's Monica Foggin
M.I. Hoath Monica Foggin
M.I. Ide Hill, St Mary & Calvin Ark Elaine Le Page
M.I. Nackington, St Mary's Jo Morris
M.I. Paddlesworth Jo Morris
M.I. Petham, All Saints, in the Church & Churchyard Jo Morris
M.I. Reculver Monica Foggin
M.I. River, St Peter & St Paul Jo Morris
M.I. Sholden, St Nicholas, Churchyard Paul Hensman
M.I. Thanet, St Peter's Churchyard Jo Morris
Alkham C1558-1939 M1558-1836 and 1837-1992 B1558-1988 June Greenough
Ashford, St Mary Baptisms only 1813-1835 Rosemary George
Badlesmere C1564-1837 M1563-1837 B1563-1837 June Greenough
Barming C1541-1871 M1541-1837 Banns 1754-1823 B1541-1868 June Greenough
Bearsted Baptisms only 1563-1622 June Greenough
Benenden C1558-1906 M1578-1836 B1710-1906 June Greenough
Benenden PR Transcripts 1580-1836 Subject line MUST read Kent Lookup Please or email won't be "delivered" Ros Ingram
Bexley CMB - Indexed 1565-1707 Ronnie Cobb
Biddenden C1538-1846 M1538-1837 B1538-1877
Birchington, All Saints CMB 1538-1675 Jo Morris
Boughton Under Blean C1784-1812 June Greenough
Brasted, St Martin Baptisms & Burials 1813-1867, Marriages 1754-1867 Elaine Le Page
Bromley, Holy Trinity, Bromley Lane. Burial INDEX 1883-Oct 1987 2 names per request please Valerie Fairbrass
Buckland by Dover Banns only 1896-1902 June Greenough
Charlton in Dover Marriages l only 1565-1837 June Greenough
Canterbury, St Mary Magdalen C & B 1634-1794, Marriages 1634 - 11/11/1757 Jo Morris
Chalk CMB 1661-1876 Margaret Galt
Chatham, St Mary 1676-1771 Sarah Fowle
Chatham, St Mary Baptisms only1753-1812 Stuart Moverley
Chatham, St Mary Transcript CMB 1812-1837 Mike Durtnall
Chislet CMB 1538-1707 Jo Morris
Coldred C1561-1812 M1562-1753 Jo Morris
Coldred C 1561-1812 M1562-1753 B1562-1753 June Greenough
Cranbrook Transcripts C&B1560-1812, M1559-1837 Subject line MUST read Kent Lookup Please or email won't be "delivered" Ros Ingram
Cranbrook C1558-1812 June Greenough
Deal, St Andrew Bishop's Transcripts C & B 1852-1910 (Gaps) Jo Morris
Deal, St George, C1832-1842, 1852-1891 M1717-1752, 1852-1956 B1737-1774, 1809-1842, 1852-1911Paul Hensman
Deal, St George 1852-1901 Paul Hensman
Deal, St George C1781-1802, 1901-1910, 1910-1930 Paul Hensman
Deal, St Leonard 1559-1812 Paul Hensman
Deal, St Leonard 1559-1812 Jo Morris
Deal, St Leonard, (Indexed Transcripts)C1836-1840 M1837-1848 B1836-1956 Paul Hensman
Deal, St Leonard (Indexed Transcripts)C1838-1947 M1848-1901 B1838-1956 Jo Morris
Deal Independent Chapel C1681-1802 B1786-1798 Paul Hensman
Deal Cemetery Register 1926-1937 Paul Hensman
Deptford C1592-1724 M1571-1734 B1505-1799 June Greenough
Deptford, St Nicholas C 1813-1847 June Greenough
Dover Burial Index 1756-1837 Away
Dover, St Mary the Virgin C&B 1623-1813 M1678-1772 Jo Morris
Dover, St Mary the Virgin M & Banns 1754-1772 1793-1803 Jo Morris
Eastchurch C1677-1867 M1677-1837 B1677-1857 June Greenough
East Malling CMB 1570-1812 Ronnie Cobb
East Peckham CMB 1558-1812 June Greenough
East Sutton M only1650-1812 June Greenough
Eastry Baptisms only 1 Jan 1832 - 10 Dec 1911 Unindexed please be specificSandy Bourner
Eastry Burials only 1853-1980 Unindexed please be specific Sandy Bourner
Eastwell C1538-1965 M1538-1837 B1539-1950 June Greenough
Eastwell CMB 1538-1950 Ronnie Cobb
Eynsford CMB 1538-1812 Jo Morris
Eynsford Marriages only 1538-1812 June Greenough
Farningham C1589-1812; 1883-1964 M 1589-1812; 1837-1945 B 1589-1812; 1873-1992 Stella Baggaley
Faversham PR C1620-1801 M1620-1754 B1620-1773 June Greenough
Faversham Burials only1620-1773 June Greenough
Faversham Mercury CMB 1879-1882 June Greenough
Faversham Cemetery 1898-1952 Indexed June Greenough
Gravesend, St George 1665-1727 Margaret Galt
Halstead CMB Marriages only 1561-1836 June Greenough
Harty C1680-1813 M1681-1835 B1679-1812 June Greenough
Hawkhurst C1550-1853 M1550-1837 B1550-1843 June Greenough
Hever CMB to 1891 Stella Baggaley
Higham Nr Gravesend 1718-1877 Margaret Galt
Hollingbourne C1556-1834 M1554-1837 June Greenough
Hunton 1585-1812 Dawn Scotting
Ifield, St Margaret C & B 1813-1900 June Greenough
Kemsing 1561-1812 Robert Dyke
Kingsdown 1725-1812 Robert Dyke
Kingsdown Marriages only 1725-1812 June Greenough
Lamberhurst Marriages only 1564-1837 June Greenough
Leaveland C1558-1837 M1554-1863 B1591-1837 June Greenough
Leeds C1625-1812,1813-1972 B1625-1925 June Greenough
Lenham C1558-1960 M1558-1837 Banns 1754-1837 B1670-1962 June Greenough
Lenham C1558-1960 M1558-1837 Banns 1754-1837 B1670-1962 Dawn Scotting
Leysdown C1701-1921 M1704-1836 B1701-1812 June Greenough
Linton (near Maidstone)1680-1812 Away
Littlebourne M1560-1931 Banns 1872-1912 B1813-1829 June Greenough
Lydd C1802-1846 M1754-1839 B1800-1812 June Greenough
Lyminge Baptisms & Deaths 1544-1837. Marriages 1665-1841 Ronnie Cobb
Lyminge Marriages only 1679-1837 June Greenough
Maidstone, All Saints - Marriage Registers 1542-1754 (Indexed). A book by The Rev. J Cave Browne, Published in 1901 Robert Chown
Maidstone, All Saints - Bishops Transcripts to 1850 Away
Maidstone, All Saints C1823 M1822 B1822 June Greenough
Maidstone, All Saints Marriages only 1754-1812; 1814 Mike Durtnall
Maidstone, St Michael C1876-1912 June Greenough
Milton Nr Sittingbourne C1782-1845 M1785-1811 B1748-1895 June Greenough
Minster in Sheppey C1569-1916 M1569-1884 B1569-1891 June Greenough
Newenden CMB to 1812 Subject line MUST read Kent Lookup Please or email won't be "delivered" Ros Ingram
Newington Marriages only 1559-1837 June Greenough
Newington Next Hythe C1593-1700 M1593-1698 B1590-1699 June Greenough
Northfleet, St Botolph CMB 1837-1871 June Greenough
Norton C1559-1983 M1559-1883 Banns 1754-1810 B1559-1979 June Greenough
Otterden Burials 1660-1812 June Greenough
Patrixbourne C1601-1929 M1560-1960 B1556-1896 June Greenough
Pembury Marriages 1560-1812
Penshurst Marriages only 1647-1812 June Greenough
Perry Street All Saints C & M 1871-1900 June Greenough
Postling C1563-1812 M1563-1837 B1566-1813 June Greenough
Queensborough (Sheppey) C1719-1901 M1719-1879 B1719-1882 June Greenough
Rainham C1628-1662 M1827-1837 June Greenough
Rainham Baptisms only 1682-1812 1813-1882 June Greenough
Ramsgate, St Mary Baptisms 1866-1932 Stuart Moverley
Ramsgate, St Mary Baptisms 1866-1932 Jo Morris
Ripple, St Mary CMB Approx. 1645-1812 Paul Hensman
River, SS Peter & Paul 1566-1840 Jo Morris
River C1556-1840 M1566-1837 B1556-1840 June Greenough
Rochester, St Margaret CMB 1813-1851 Sally Cutler
Rodmersham C1538-1892 M1638-1841 B1538-1950 June Greenough
Rolvenden C1568-1899 M1558-1836 June Greenough
Rolvenden Burials 1558-1840
Sellindge M1559-1812 June Greenough
Shepherdswell C1563-1812 M1563-1837 Banns 1754-1953 B1564-1812 June Greenough
Shepherdswell (Sibertswold)1563-1812 Jo Morris
Sheppey (Cemetery) Burials 1857-2000 June Greenough
Sheppey - Minster, Sheerness, Queenborough, Leysdown, Eastchurch. Burials Halfway & Minster Abbey. 1600 patching to 1890's Away
Sholden, St Nicholas 1563-1906 Jo Morris
Sittingbourne C1561-1893 M1562-1836, 1837-1902 B1561-1922 June Greenough
Smarden C1563-1812 M1559-1837 B1539-1812 June Greenough
Snargate M1552-1812 June Greenough
Staplehurst CMB 1535-1600; 1695-1791 Cathy Goodwin
Staplehurst Marriages only 1538-1812 June Greenough
Stourmouth C1794-1865 M1754-1836 June Greenough
Stourmouth Marriages only 1754-1836 Jo Morris
Sutton Valence C1661-1795 M1577-1836 B1661-1812 June Greenough
Swalecliffe C1558-1850 M1607-1837 B1607-1840 June Greenough
Swanscombe, St Peter & St Paul CMB 1861-1883 June Greenough
Tenterden, St Mildred C1543-1812 M1544-1837 B1544-1812 Martyn Levett
Tenterden St Mildred C1554-1860 M1597-1915 June Greenough
Tenterden Presbyterian C1736-1837 June Greenough
Thanet, St Peter (Broadstairs) C1582-1852 M1582-1883 B1582-1875 Jo Morris
Thanet - St John (Margate) Unindexed - Please be specific.C1559-1901, 1911-1921 M1559-1905 B1559-1899 Jo Morris
Thanet - St Lawrence (Ramsgate)C1560-1949 M1559-1947 B1559-1983 Jo Morris
Thanet - St Mary, Minster C1557-1962 M1557-1945 B1557-1944 Jo Morris
Tilmanstone 1558-1900 Jo Morris
Trottiscliffe C1540-1812 1813-1992 M1540-1836 1837-2001 B1540-1992 June Greenough
Tudeley Cum Capel 1663-1812 Sue Greatbanks
Walmer, St Mary C1560-1945 M1561-1921 B1560-1988 Jo Morris
West Farleigh Marriages only 1558-1812 June Greenough
Wichling Marriages only 1577-1837 June Greenough
Willesborough Marriages only 1538-1837 June Greenough
Wingham Congregational Chapel Baptisms 1819-1837 Paul Hensman
Wingham Congregational Chapel Baptisms 1819-1837 Jo Morris
Wingham, St Mary the Virgin Baptisms 1837-1864 Paul Hensman
Wingham, St Mary the Virgin Baptisms 1837-1864 Jo Morris
Woodchurch C1611-1851 M1611-1944 June Greenough
Yalding 1559-1812 Dawn Scotting
British Isles Vital Records Index Dawn Scotting
British Isles Vital Records Index 2nd Edition Sue
British Isles Vital Records Index 2nd Edition Tony Tooley
Birchington Churchwardens Accounts 1680-1745 Jo Morris
Criminal Lunatics - Bethlem Hospital & County Asylums 1799-1843 Author Stuart Tamblin Published by Family History Indexes Jo Morris
Dover Library - Willing to do look ups in various Parish & Census records held at Dover Library, for Dover & surrounding villages Dorothy Holden
Index Calendar Wills Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury 1584-1858 Jo Morris
Deal Independent Chapel Roll of Church Members 1681-1798 Paul Hensman
Hever Tithe Map & Apportionments Stella Baggaley
Salt Lake City - IGI - LDS Ancestral File database - Library Card Catalogue.Shauna Moyes
Sevenoaks Union Workhouse Birth & Death Index 1851-1891 Elaine Le Page
Sheppey - Local Papers 1820-1960 Away
The Jutland Roll of Honour. Author Stuart Tamblin Published by Family History Indexes Jo Morris
The National Roll of The Great War 1914-1918. (covers:-Deptford, Greenwich, Lewisham, Rotherhithe & others) Sue Hammond
The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment INDEX of names 1914-1919 Elaine Le Page
1841 Deal Area Names & approx. ages required please Dianne Bray
1841 Medway Towns Names & approx ages required please Dianne Bray
All areas of Kent for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891 & 1901 PLEASE give age or birth year, birth place, and spouse if possible Away
1851 Census Bromley Vol 1 Names & Ages only Brian Hart
1851 Census Dartford Vol 5 Index - Names & Ages only Judith Ayres
1851 Census Deptford Vol 3 Index - Names & Ages only Pauline Jackson
1851 Census Dover Index Away
1851 Census Folkestone Index Elizabeth Collins
1851 Census Greenwich Index - Names & Ages only Susan Leggett
1861 Census Greenwich District - Covering: Deptford, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Woolwich Dockyard, Woolwich Arsenal. By address only. Due to mail filter, Subject line MUST read 1861 Grenwich District Lookup Pauline Jackson
1851-1891 Hever Stella Baggaley
1851 Census Lewisham Vol 4 Index Maureen Reinig
1851 Census Lewisham Vol 4 Index - Names & Ages only Judith Ayres
1861 Census Lewisham District. Covering: Lewisham Village, Plumstead, Lee, Elham & Sydenham. By address only. Due to mail filter subject line MUST read 1861 Lewisham District Lookup Pauline Jackson
1851 Census Sevenoaks Names & ages only Helen Stewart
1851 Census Sevenoaks Index Elaine Le Page
1851 Census Sevenoaks Vol 6 Index - Names & Ages only Judith Ayres
1851-1891 Census Sevenoaks Union Workhouse Index. See also Misc above Elaine Le Page
1841-1891 Census Staplehurst Cathy Goodwin
1851 Census Thanet Vol 1 Index - Only Surnames & folio numbers given Jo Morris
1851 Census Woolwich Vol 2 Index Names & Ages only Pauline Jackson
1861 Census Farnborough Jane Sherris
1881 Census All Kent Index Bettie Misner
1881 Census Dawn Scotting
1881 Census Tony McAllister
1881 Census Simon Wood
1881 Census Roger Gardiner
1881 Census ALL areas Gillian Williams
1881 Census Tony Tooley
1891 Census Index Margate Away
Pigot's = National & Commercial Directory & Topography. Classified lists of All Persons in Trade, and of The Nobility, Gentry & Clergy Resident in the Towns & Principal Villages of that County. An account of every Mode of Conveyance by Railway, Road & Water; Post-Office Regulations &c.
1823 Pigot's Directory Name & Town required please Away
1826-27 Pigot's Directory Amanda Jones
1832 Pigot's Directory Craig Broadfield
1839 Pigot's Directory Jo Morris
1840 Pigot's Directory
1851 Kelly's Directory Amanda Jones
1950 Kelly's Directory Dover & N'hood Bob Skinner
Kent Trade Directory 1750-1900 compiled by Richard Goulden. Each entry contains a mini biography. Searches by Surname Richard Goulden
Sittingbourne & Milton Directory 1908/09 Peter Stuart
Kent Shipwrecks by Alan Bignell ISBN 1-85306-145-x (with an index of names) Jo Morris
Book - The War Years 1939-1945 in Faversham and District, which records what happened day by day and has roll of honour with photos, addresses, medals etc Angela Todd
Phillimores Atlas & Index of Parish Registers Garry Stuckey
BALDWIN - PR entries covering most of NW Kent, Sussex & parts of Surrey. Can be searched by any parameter. In return interested in any information anybody is able to add. Keith Baldwin
BRADLEY UK - Will search by any parameter. Requested in return YOUR Bradley data, to input for the benefit of future requests John Bradley
CASTLETON and variations North Kent area, going back to 1699 900+ names John Young
POTT in Kent, 1200+ names David Pott
REEVE from 1741 Dover (mainly St Mary's) to date details from:- John Reeve
VICAR GENERAL MARRIAGE LICENCES - SURNAME INDEX. This is an index to the SURNAMES of couples entered in the manuscript calendars of the Arch episcopal marriage licences, issued by the Vicar General's office for the period 1 JULY 1694-1850 . The Archbishop of Canterbury, through his Vicar General, issued common licences for couples to marry in any Parish Church or Chapelry. Common licences merely dispensed with the calling of banns on three successive Sundays. Until Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1753, the Vicar General's office also granted special licences to marry at any meet and convenient place, generally a college Chapel or nobleman's private Chapel not normally licenced for marriages. Withdrawn

Please contact Jo Morris if you are willing to add your name to this list. Give the full title(s) of any reference you are prepared to check. Suitable items would include tax lists, electoral rolls, directories, census indexes, indexed parish registers etc., etc.

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